Miraque® Glamour333 – Magnetic Lashes


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High-quality, full-eye models of Miraque, bushy, black magnetic eyelashes make your eyes look spectacular. The longest eyelash in the outer corner is approx. 1.4 cm.

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Miraquethick, black magnetic eyelashes that look like the whole eye.

  • The package contains one use pair, i.e. a total of four eyelash strips
  • Three magnets per strip, thick full eye model
  • Black, high-quality and synthetic silk fiber
  • The length of the longest hair is approx. 1.4 cm
  • The hair is longest in the outer corner

Read the instructions carefully before use!

1. Before applying Miraque Magnetic Lashes, you should prepare your make-up first. Especially the water-resistant mascara in the eyelashes guarantees the permanence of the magnetic eyelashes even in the most demanding conditions.

2. Shape all the eyelash strips into a curved shape first to make them easier to apply.

3. First, take the eyelash strip with the magnets on the bottom. Place the lash strip above your own lashes as close to the outer corner and lash line as possible. Leave the strip on it.

4. After that, take the eyelash strip with the magnets on top. Open the eye wide open, lift the chin up, place the strip under your own eyelashes without blinking and connect the magnets of the eyelash strips to each other. Bring the lower strip as close to the eyeball as possible in the direction from below upwards, not from the front directly towards the eye, because then the magnets of the lower strip will pull the upper strip out of place. To get closer to the lash line, you can insert the lower strip with tweezers and at the same time lift the upper eyelid with the other hand.

5. To remove the magnetic eyelashes, take the magnets between your fingers and slide the magnets apart. Note! Do not tear when the magnets are stuck to each other so that the eyelashes are not damaged!

6. You can clean the fibers with a liquid and oil-free make-up remover. You can also carefully clean the adhesive surfaces of the magnets, but be careful not to touch the adhesive surface of the magnets and fibers so that the magnet comes off.

7. If you do not want to use mascara with magnetic eyelashes, then it is important that the lash strip is first rounded to the model of your own eye, in which case the permanence is better.

8. You can get a model with three magnets that is lighter and easier to place if you cut the lower part into three parts between the magnets. You can also easily cut the three-magnet model into a half-eye, i.e. two-magnet model!

9. You can also carefully trim the fibers with scissors to the desired length.

The eyelashes take shape after just a few uses to the model of your eyes, so you can say that they only get better with use! Remember that practice makes perfect and it's worth it!


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