Nook® Basilico & Almond Hydrating Shampoo

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Kiiltoa antava ja kosteuttava Nook Basilico & Mandorla Hydrating Shampoo kuiville ja elottomille hiuksille. Pehmeä ja voidemainen shampoo kosteuttaa, ravitsee ja pehmentää hiuksia tekemättä niistä raskaita. Palauttaa kuivien ja elottomien hiusten elinvoiman, kiillon ja pehmeyden saaden ne näyttämään vahvemmilta, terveemmiltä ja kiiltävämmiltä.

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Nook Basilico & Mandorla Hydrating Shampoo

– pH 5.0–6.0
– 97 % natural ingredients
– 98 % biodegradable
– Metal tested (nickel, chromium, cobalt < 1 PPM)
– 100 % plant-based surfactants, emulsifiers and preservatives
– 100 % vegan
– 0 % silicone, sulfate, MIT/MI, SLES/SLS, paraffin, petrolatum, mineral oils, dyes
– 100 % recycled plastic, does not contain virgin plastic
- The PET used is approved by the FDA, so it is suitable for contact with food
– 100 % recyclable, biodegradable, ecological, waterproof and durable labels.
- The labels are made from waste materials from the stone cutting industry, very fine marble dust
- No water is needed to make the labels, no trees are cut down and no chemicals are used

Use: Apply to damp hair, massage and leave on for a while. Rinse thoroughly.

Package size: 300 ml / 1000 ml


"We believe in the beauty of simplicity, the harmony of elements, the balance of nature."

This is the philosophy that sets the Nook brand apart.

Nook is designed to improve, preserve and enhance the beauty and natural well-being of hair with professional products that are produced ethically and responsibly. The effort is simply a more concrete dialogue with nature, because the source of inspiration is eco-thinking.

Nook is committed to choosing the best natural raw material suppliers and favoring the use of recyclable or ecological packaging to minimize environmental impact.

In order to create safe and high quality products, Nook researches and develops ever more innovative formulations using the best raw materials and natural active ingredients on the market to ensure the high performance, safety and effectiveness of each product.

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300 ml, 1000 ml